Professional audio systems can play dual roles. Often viewed as mainly for speech reinforcement and entertainment, they do play their part in life-safety notification, expanding your communication abilities. If you have spaces with acoustical challenges and high ambient noise levels, we can help you plan and install a sound reinforcement system designed to be effective, intelligible, flexible, and pleasing to your audience. Based on your needs, sound reinforcement solutions can be muted in emergencies, or work with your other communication systems to help you deliver emergency messages. Whether you want to address sound issues in areas such as cafeterias, meeting rooms, ballrooms, auditoriums or gymnasiums, we’ll help you to create a uniform level of loudness and high level of intelligibility. We can also assist you with specialty systems for small venues, wireless assistive listening equipment for the hard of hearing; portable sound systems; audio/video conferencing solutions for meeting rooms; pro-audio systems for outdoor applications and interactive video learning systems.

Deliver Clearer, More Understandable Sound

  • Top-quality pro-sound solutions with integrated Fire, Security and Emergency Communications systems and services
  • Uniform loudness (decibels) considerations for assembly areas such as a cafeterias, large meeting rooms, and auditoriums
  • Address areas with acoustical challenge due to reverberation, such as gymnasiums
  • Populated spaces requiring audio clarity for public address systems
  • Speech Reinforcement solutions for small venues (classrooms, meeting areas)
  • Specialized remote control systems using custom software, intuitive touchscreen controls and LAN/WAN connectivity

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