eServices help us identify and solve your problems more quickly and improves your customer experience. eServices is an integrated suite of technology and service capabilities that can simplify your operations, increase uptime, make regulatory compliance easier, and reduce your lifecycle costs. eServices includes electronic inspection reporting that streamlines life-safety system testing and inspection and can dramatically ease the burden of compliance. This innovative technology suite also includes remote diagnostics that automatically alert our team of expert technicians when detectors need cleaning, intelligent notification appliances that can test themselves, and a customer portal providing secure, real-time access to system information and customized reports. 

Benefits of eServices

  • Electronic Inspection Reporting provides NFPA- and Joint Commission-formatted reports for all fire and life safety systems
  • TrueInsight remote diagnostics can mean faster problem resolution and increased uptime
  • Mobile Deficiency quoting can speed repairs. The most common deficiencies can be quoted, and often repaired, during the inspection visit.
  • Customer Portal for 24/7 access to all of your life-safety documentation including inspection reports, service history, invoices, and customer data

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