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SimplexGrinnell offers multiple Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS) to promote efficient workflow and to track assets, alarm when a patient elopement occurs and keep infants safe from abduction. RTLS has a positive impact on patient survey results by passively documenting staff response times to patient calls and improving rounding commitments.

AllGuard Wandering Patient Protection System

TotGuard Infant Security System

As a clinical location, automation and awareness tool, the Versus Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) supports the work you do with patients. Track mobile equipment to improve efficient usage and reduce the amount of assets needed. Integrate nurse call with Versus RTLS, and a patient call is automatically canceled when the nurse appears in the room. The RTLS will note the nurse's presence and time-stamp her arrival to support and validate patient care. Many facilities have found Versus reports useful in countering patient care complaints.

Versus Real-time Locating Solutions

  • EZCare Nurse Call Migration

    EZCare Nurse Call Migration

    If you already enjoy EZCare in several areas of your facility and are looking to add more, the migration solution will work for you. You will install Ascom in the new areas, then add the migration components to allow all of the areas to work together. LEARN MORE >

  • EZCare Nurse Call Migration

    EZCare Nurse Call Migration

    To help you plan for the future, Tyco and Ascom have teamed up to create a migration path for your EZCare nurse call system, eliminating the dependency on the Microsoft Windows Operating System currently running EZCare. Learn More >

  • Telligence Nurse Call

    Telligence Nurse Call

    SimplexGrinnell and Ascom team up to provide world-class installation and services with innovative technology including nurse call and mobile phones to help you improve and sustain patient satisfaction survey results. Read More >

  • Magnolia Regional Medical Center

    Magnolia Regional Medical Center

    Magnolia Regional Medical Center's new state-of-the-art facility features an array of advanced technology systems, including a packaged communications and life-safety solution from SimplexGrinnell. Learn More >

  • TrueInsight


    TrueInsight Remote Services provides our expert remote service technicians an electronic window into the operation of your entire Simplex fire alarm system, 24/7/365. LEARN MORE >

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