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Tap to Call

Nurse Call and clinical workflow are increasingly interconnected. With the Telligence Nurse Call Communication System, SimplexGrinnell streamlines communication between patient and clinician, enhances patient satisfaction, improves quality of care and boosts caregiver productivity.  Telligence is an enterprise communication system for clinical workflow and management.  SimplexGrinnell can create a network of staff and patient-room devices to meet each department’s specific needs. 

  • EZCare Nurse Call Migration

    EZCare Nurse Call Migration

    If you already enjoy EZCare in several areas of your facility and are looking to add more, the migration solution will work for you. You will install Ascom in the new areas, then add the migration components to allow all of the areas to work together. LEARN MORE >

  • EZCare Nurse Call Migration

    EZCare Nurse Call Migration

    To help you plan for the future, Tyco and Ascom have teamed up to create a migration path for your EZCare nurse call system, eliminating the dependency on the Microsoft Windows Operating System currently running EZCare. Learn More >

  • Emergency Communications Solutions

    Emergency Communications Solutions

    We can customize a real-time emergency notification system — audible and visual notification, as well as text displays — to share lifesaving information inside and outside of your buildings. Read More >

  • Personnel and Asset Location

    Personnel and Asset Location

    Wireless technology to locate and protect. Automatically cancel and document response to patient calls just by entering the room. Efficiently manage use of mobile assets to be ready for Joint Commission. Add to your standard security procedures and resources to protect infants and alarm for patient/resident elopement. Read More >

  • Magnolia Regional Medical Center

    Magnolia Regional Medical Center

    Magnolia Regional Medical Center's new state-of-the-art facility features an array of advanced technology systems, including a packaged communications and life-safety solution from SimplexGrinnell. Learn More >

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