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Our top-quality service workforce includes over 1,700 NICET-certified technicians and that number grows every year. NICET (National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologists) is significant in our industry. Individuals test based on their area(s) of life-safety discipline, such as fire alarm systems, sprinkler design, sprinkler inspector, inspection and testing of water-based systems, special hazards suppression systems, water-based layout, audio systems (for low-voltage communications such as public address and sound-reinforcement systems), video security systems designer/technician (a security certification). Individuals are certified as they pass different levels of testing, with one to four levels per discipline: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Each level can involve dozens of tests.

Our company focus on helping our workforce train for, test and achieve NICET certification improves our ability to safeguard your people and property. Our workforce includes NICET-certified technicians in every state where certification is required, but we also strongly recommend certification for all of our technicians. The bottom line? We have high caliber people who take their jobs seriously and we support them during their continuous efforts to advance their skills. It’s part of our commitment to always bring you the best in fire and life-safety protection.

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