Telephones play an important role as a user interface with other communication systems. We can help you integrate your telephones with external systems to expand their operation and usefulness.  Telephone are simply everywhere, offering an ideal opportunity to make them work harder as part of a communication solution, such as call transferring to other locations when main response stations are not in use, or wireless telephone connection to a mobile workforce. We can work with new or existing telephone systems, purchased separately or provided by us, using standard industry interfaces. We’ll begin with an assessment of your on- and off-premises communications needs, standard and emergency work flow, contingency operations, and infrastructure design. We’ll use our knowledge of interconnected systems to create a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Expand The Usefulness Of Your Telephone Network

  • On-premise systems have the ability to interconnect with off-premise devices, expanding their operation beyond individual system limits
  • Use for call transferring to other locations when main response stations are not in use
  • Connect wirelessly to a mobile workforce
  • Fully integrated platforms includes video signal distribution controllers, intercoms, microphones, telephones, loud speakers, voice mail communication servers, and computer hardware and software
  • Systems for multi-building enterprises, including airports and government campuses
  • Hands-free ADA compliant emergency phones for both indoor and outdoor applications

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