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NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) certification puts an individual into an elite group with exceptional and extraordinarily comprehensive knowledge.  NFPA’s Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) program is extremely challenging and a limited number of individuals worldwide have been certified. We have NFPA-certified resources on staff, ranging from technicians to managers, who can offer their expertise to our employees company-wide.

NFPA does not write codes or standards themselves; they facilitate all-volunteer committees of fire safety professionals who represent all aspects of the industry: enforcers such as AHJs; installers, engineers, owners, and maintenance technicians. The NFPA guides the discussions, bringing the volunteers together to review industry activity and work to reach consensus to develop codes.

SimplexGrinnell is proud to have numerous volunteers working to improve fire safety via NICET committees. It keeps us on the cutting edge of industry changes and helps us drive improvements that better the life-safety industry. We think of safety first, always, voting for new codes even if it will require us to change our products to comply.

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