Watching out for you around the clock. We can provide 24/7 monitoring of your building’s safety systems and are the only national UL-listed/Factory Mutual-approved monitoring service with a total focus on commercial and institutional facilities. In fact, our emergency dispatcher staffing requirements (disaster recovery plans) exceed UL requirements. In an emergency, we notify the authorities and appropriate emergency personnel. Our call center is fire resistant and fully secure. We test the signals on our fire alarm systems daily to ensure that all sensors and panels are communicating properly, and we also test our after-hours numbers daily to confirm there are no communications issues. We are set up to follow your emergency action plan, and work to keep you informed every step of the way.

Benefit of Central Station Monitoring

  • UL- and ULC-listed, FM-certified central station with an exclusive focus on commercial, industrial and institutional clients
  • Company-owned central station operated 24/7 by highly-trained specialists
  • FlashRoute® patented back-up system – a concurrent system that provides uninterrupted service at all times
  • Industry-leading response times that average less than 20 seconds to enable quick response from the authorities
  • Monitoring agreements that contain no hidden charges
  • No false alarm activity charges assessed
  • Toll-free calling to the central station saves you money
  • Cellular backup available
  • Multiple transmission technologies available, including TCP/IP

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