The ultimate peace of mind. If an event occurs, you want your monitoring company to respond seamlessly, triggering instant communications to multiple parties and a plan of action designed to save lives, property and assets. Central Station Monitoring (CSM) Service provides around-the-clock electronic surveillance and end-to-end coverage across your infrastructure. Additionally, we offer a true advancement in fire panel monitoring with TrueInsightSM, an Internet-based remote diagnostics service with real-time visibility. TrueInsight automates the detection and notification of abnormal conditions in the fire panel for quicker service response and increased first-time fix rate. It can also predict certain upcoming needs, reducing business disruptions.

Fast Response, Precisely Monitored

  • End-to-end coverage across your infrastructure - fire systems, security, elevator alarm and other critical sensor devices
  • Highly trained, experienced professionals monitoring your premises around the clock
  • Action plans developed to notify authorities and to guide emergency personnel and designated individuals in your organization
  • Daily fire alarm signal testing to ensure proper communication
  • Automated alerts mean better diagnostics, more efficient service
  • Remote diagnostics for quicker response times, faster panel recovery and avoidance of nuisance alarms
  • Intelligent dispatch for faster resolution, increased up-time and higher first time fix rate

How We Can Help You

  • Central Station Monitoring

    Central Station Monitoring

    As a national UL-listed/Factory Mutual-approved monitoring service focused on commercial and institutional facilities, our response times can helps save lives and minimize damage to your property. Find out More >

  • Remote Diagnostics

    Remote Diagnostics

    TrueInsight ℠ Remote Service is a game changer. It’s a web-based technology that provides real-time visibility into the operation of your Simplex system – revolutionizing the way fire alarm service is delivered to you. Find out More >

  • Emergency Service and Repair

    Emergency Service and Repair

    Minimize business disruption when you make us your one-call solution for every system and service, 24/7/365. We’re ready to help even if you’re not a current customer. Find Out More >

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