We’re ready to help you with the unexpected, 24/7/365. Your panel is beeping.  Multiple alarms are going off. There’s a broken fire sprinkler head.  We’re a one-call solution for repair of your fire and life-safety systems - saving you time and effort while minimizing business disruption. We have more emergency service resources than anyone else and the largest private workforce of its kind in the Fire and Life-Safety industry. Our company has over 1,700 NICET-certified team members and a fleet of over 4,500 Installation and Service vehicles. We’ll fix your system even if you’re not one of our current customers.

Benefits of Emergency Service and Repair

  • Highly specialized teams can respond rapidly to reliably handle repair work as issues arise
  • Reliable service and fast response when it matters most
  • Large, modern fleet of vehicles nationwide that are readily available for prompt and efficient service
  • Same-day response available to help minimize unexpected interruptions and costly downtime
  • Telephone and web-based scheduling, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Installation, repair, replacement and additions to help maintain code compliance and keep your system ready for the next inspection

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