Manage your complete video surveillance system anytime, anywhere. Our solutions help you put the right cameras in the right place, and our video management systems create a constantly-running record of events that you can access, review and analyze. Time-stamping, video, and automatic logging of events, in conjunction with video analytics, lets you reconstruct timelines or identify threats without sifting through hours of material. You can monitor, record and manage your video operations on-the-go from any web-enabled smart phone or tablet. You can use the same 24/7 record and analysis for quality control efforts, evaluating processes, dwell times and workflow patterns. Video surveillance can also help minimize business disruption, and mitigate financial liability, and deliver insights regarding customer movement in a retail environment.

Benefits Of Surveillance Solutions

  • Highly flexible, scalable and affordable solutions
  • Integration with existing networks and other systems*
  • Customized planning, system layout, installation, system integration and support
  • HD monitors that work seamlessly with the latest video management systems
  • Streamlined video monitoring and management tools
  • Local, factory-trained 24/7 service team

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