Every organization deserves the best possible protection. No matter your industry, we can help. We put our expertise and innovative technology to work every day for customers across the spectrum of business activities. We'll work with you to solve for your environment and tailor our solutions to you unique needs, whether you're local or national, a startup or a mature enterprise, or anything in between.

  • National Properties

    National Properties

    As a one-stop provider we can help you streamline your efforts, from installing a new solution, retrofitting a previous investment, or implementing cost-saving standardization. With a full fire and life safety portfolio, we can tailor to your unique corporate standards.

  • Education


    Our integrated fire and security solutions span your needs from mass notification and access control to smarter fire alarms that transmit detailed data. Whether you’re protecting classrooms and dorms, or an expansive campus facility, we can help to simplify your role to save time and reduce costs.

  • Healthcare


    We offer integrated, comprehensive life safety, security, and communication solutions that can increase patient satisfaction, simplify Joint Commission compliance and reporting, protect your people and facilities, and provide a robust healthcare communications platform with a nurse call system at its core.

  • Commercial


    Whatever commercial business sector you operate in, we can help you protect your people and property. From strip malls to high-rises, five-star hotels to quick-serve restaurants, we’ll tailor to your single facility or multiple locations, providing consistency across the board.

  • Government


    We draw from our vast life-safety portfolio to tailor solutions that help protect the people and facilities of local, state and federal government. Our contract vehicles support efficient, streamlined procurement, and 130 offices nationwide bring prompt, expert service.

  • Industrial


    Our complete fire and life-safety capabilities can help you better protect your people and assets. No matter your industry, from logistics to manufacturing to technology, you can get a comprehensive, customized fire and life-safety solution from a single source.

  • Other Industries

    Other Industries

    Each industry has different requirements for meeting its fire and life-safety challenges. Whether you’re protecting an oil platform, vessels, a greenfield mine, subway system or your membership, we’ll use our advanced technology and specialized knowledge to create a custom solution to fit your needs, schedule and budget.