Avoid full EZCare system replacement by migrating it instead. EZCare VITALTouch relies on Microsoft Windows (XP or 7) for the user-interface and as the hub for integrations to systems such as RTLS, wireless phones, and your ADT system. Microsoft has stopped all support of Windows XP and soon Windows7. Johnson Controls, along with Ascom, have developed a solution that enables EZCare to migrate over to the Ascom Unite platform to protect your investment in EZCare VITALTouch – the EZCare Migration Soultion.

The Benefits of EZCare Migration

  • Minimal disruption to your patients and staff
  • Very little re-training required for staff
  • Patient’s use of devices in their rooms and bathrooms do not change
  • Less expensive and less downtime vs. total system replacement
  • Access to all advanced features of Ascom Unite
  • Bring control of data access into the Enterprise environment

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